The Misconceptions People Have Concerning The Catholic Church & Mother Mary That May Take Them To Hell Fire

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1. Since my primary school days till date, people argue that Catholics don’t use the old testament, but what I know is every first reading at Mass is from the old testament 😊funny?

2. They said Catholics have removed books from the Bible… what I know is the Protestants’ Bible is 7 books less, 😄 who removed books then? n y? ask Luther.

3. They said Catholics worship Mary and prioritize her over Jesus, but what I know is when Catholics call Mary, what follows is “pray for us”, and Jesus, “have Mercy on us”. Pray for me isn’t a word of worship​, or is it? From the classroom, I think that’s a request, n a plea.

4. They say Catholics pray to God through Mary not Jesus, what I know is at Mass, all prayers are concluded this way; “we ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives n reigns with u in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever n ever….Amen”. Oh, what about the Rosary? It begins with the Apostles’ Creed, has 6 our father, 6 Glory to the Father, n the Litany which begins with Lord have Mercy on us. Do you know that?

5. They say Mary should be treated as an envelope n Catholics fail to recognise that. Awww, Mother of God, envelope? Before the Pentecost, Mary already had the Holy Spirit, (in the words of the Angel during the Annunciation), do u know y?

she carried God the Son in her body: she’s a terbanacle, 😉do u know that? She’s the only human being in the new testament who has changed a divine timetable…the water to wine wonder: read carefully n reflect.

She is the Mother of God (u can say no if to u Jesus is not God), mother of Church, mother of all Christians n the Queen of Heaven! this is what we honour her for; it’s not a worship.

5. Catholics have images in places of worship….oh, is that bad? The bronze serpent in the desert was an image oo. The Cherubims n Seraphims in the terbanacle were images oo. If God commanded these images to be made, then the focus of the first commandment isn’t on makin

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