Catholic Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment Initiative presents THE NEXT CATHOLIC BUSINESS GIANT Training Series (August 2018 Edition)

This Message Is Particularly For Catholic Entreprenuers/SMEs Catholic Entrepreneurs' Empowerment Initiative presents THE NEXT CATHOLIC BUSINESS GIANT series... A 2 day seminar & training for Catholic Entrepreneurs. What Is The Number 1 Difficulty That You Are Facing In Your Business? You don't need to say. We already know. ==> THE PROBLEM OF ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS

How To Listen To Catholic Mobile Radio From Anywhere You Are

Finally, in the midst of the so many non-catholic online radio media that have been created in Nigeria, we present to you the second catholic mobile radio to exist in Nigeria called the "CATHOLIC MOBILE RADIO". Our mission is to continue to propagate the catholic faith through catholic hymns and music, catholic

You Can’t Distribute Condoms In School – Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, has criticised the “Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill” saying some of its content could “provide an avenue for the legalization of much anti-human life and anti-family activities.” The clerics, in a communique at the end of their conference, also condemned the distribution of condoms

Catholic Church Returns To Can After About Five Years Absence

After about five years’ absence due to an alleged misunderstanding which was later described as “political,” the Catholic Church has announced its return to the Christian Association of Nigeria. The return was reportedly perfected on Thursday and Friday in Abuja when a delegation of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, led by