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Nigerian Catholic Shares How Praying The Rosary Devoutly Got Her Fruit Of The Womb


For five years she was called a barren woman, she was a dedicated and active legionary member… So it came for electing new officers of various posts in her praesidium and she was selected to hold the post of the treasurer, an office she declined at first because as a treasurer she will be in charge of carrying the altar materials to her home and bring them on every weekly meeting. For the church was not that secured to housing such materials… These tasks she performed until her tenure elapse. Bringing the materials to the meeting, set the altar and carry home the materials at the end of the meeting….


On that faithful day, she said, a thought just came into me to take the center table in our parlor into our bedroom and set the legion altar in there… My husband had gone out to work and i am just a teacher in a private school. though it was on a Saturday morning and i was at home alone… After i did that, set the legion of Mary altar in our bedroom, i closed the door leading outside and i took a paper and a pen and write down my one and only intention and request “I NEED A CHILD” was the only thing i wrote… That has made me to cry almost all night, i have gone to many church and attended many church programmes yet no issue.

After writing my intention, i placed it on the altar, picked up my rosary beads, knelt down before the altar and facing it i closed my eyes and prayed the rosary from the bottom of my heart with tears too… On that day i really tested my faith, yes! Their is power in the holy rosary… After i finished saying the five decades, i put off the materials and took the table back to our parlor… I wrote down the date, all these i didn’t disclose to my husband… But the truth is that just as i had prayed that was how everything came to fulfilment… Yes God heard my cry… Our mother Mary indeed is a great intercessor… Between me and God, i prayed no other prayer but just that five rosary decades and see how my sorrows turned into joy… The paper i wrote my request, was the paper i wrote the dates…. Just as expected everything worked out as i wrote…. As i am sharing this testimony, i am carrying my third child now… Two boys and a girl… The first boy i told God that i want him to be a Reverend father…. My fellow Catholics and legionaries nothing is impossible with God especially when you go through mother Mary… When you go through her, it becomes so easy and simple…. But to go through her you must keep to holiness, only holiness draws her close to us and she will be acting as you request… The woman(mother Mary) is so loving and simple… Just stick to holiness and your wishes would be her command…. I love mother Mary Ave!


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