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Catholic Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment Initiative presents THE NEXT CATHOLIC BUSINESS GIANT Training Series (August 2018 Edition)


This Message Is Particularly For Catholic Entreprenuers/SMEs

Catholic Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment Initiative presents THE NEXT CATHOLIC BUSINESS GIANT series…

A 2 day seminar & training for Catholic Entrepreneurs.

What Is The Number 1 Difficulty That You Are Facing In Your Business?

You don’t need to say. We already know. ==> THE PROBLEM OF ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS, especially now that the country is in deep recession.

But then, do you know that despite the recession, certain entrepreneurs still wont go broke? To mention but a few:

=> Farmers who provide food – nobody can do without eating food everyday.

=> People producing and selling school materials for school students

==> People producing books and writing materials

==> People sewing cloths.

=> People in oil and gas business, especially production and distributors

=> People who sell gadgets (personal and office and other gadgets)

=> People producing building materials

=> People selling Jewelleries

and many more. The business you are doing could be in this category too.

The truth is, that you are not getting customers to patronize your business does not mean that your business is bad. It could be that you need to update your skill set on modern ways of attracting more customers.

And the good thing is that in today’s Nigeria, you don’t even have to start knocking on people’s doors before you start introducing your business or products or services to people. You don’t have to place your advert on TV or Radio before people buy it. It is well known that Garri sells like crazy despite not being advertised on TV or Radio. With the advent of the biggest marketing platform in the world – SOCIAL MEDIA, you can conveniently advertise your products and services to over 50 million Nigerians using the Internet.

And guess what, you don’t even have to get all the 50million people to patronize your business before you earn constant income. If you have only 1000 Nigerians out who patronize you in a month, with a profit margin of N500 only per sale, that will be a clean income of N500,000 in a month. You don’t even need a University degree to do this.

The question running through your mind now will be “How Can I Really Attract Nigerians Who Have Money In Their Hands And Are In Need Of What I Have To Sell? This is the exact question that this 2 day life changing seminar will answer for you.

The management of Catholic Mobile Radio, The Missionis Initiative and Catholic Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment Initiative have deemed it fit to put this together so that we can have more business giants within the Catholic fold in the next 12 months.

The theme of the Seminar is: “How To Attract Thousands of Cash Paying Customers To Your Business Using Social Media, With Little or No Money”

In these two days, you will learn the following:

* The Top Social Media & Mobile Marketing Platforms Where You Can Easily Use To Reach Out To Millions of Internet Users in Nigeria 24Hours Daily.

* The ABC Of Setting Up A Business Oriented Soial Media Accounts That will Serve As Your Digital office Space & Contact Centre.

* How To Identify Your Target Audience, Know Where They Are & Reach Them From The Comfort Of Your Home/Office.

* How To Go About Making Payments For Online Ads on Social Media Without Opening A Dollar Bank Account (Many Banks don’t want Nigerians to know this secret, but an Old generation bank has broken their monopoly. You will be introduced to this bank which is free to open)

* How To Stand Out From Your Competitors

* How To Identify Ready To Pay Customers Using Ad Contents That Works

* How To Create Your Own Funnel Of Prospective Customers Which You Can Turn Into Cash Paying Customers For As Long As You Want

* What To Do if The Business Your Are Doing Is Not Bringing In Money As You Want Due To Economic Reasons

* A Simple Strategy To Implement In Turning People Into Your Marketers Using The Power Of Their Friends.

* Support with Getting Your Business Name Registered With CAC

* Questions & Answers Segment On What You Can Do To Move Your Business Forward



It is taking place on Wednesday & Thursday (15th & 16th) August 2018

VENUE: The venue is Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. (Those who can’t attend can register for the video of the seminar which will be uploaded and sent to a non-attendee through email. That way, distance wont be a barrier to getting the information your require to take your business to the next level)

TIME: 10am – 5pm daily on both days

SEMINAR FEE: A highly discounted amount of N5,500 only for the first 30 people to register and then N10,000 for others.

SEATS AVAILABLE: 100 Seats Only.

BONUSES: Valued at N100,000 including seminar materials will be given to all attendees.

HOW TO REGISTER: Contact Mr Paul on 08149360464 or email

Registration closes once we get 100 people. Registration has begun already.

Glory to Jesus … Honour To Mother Mary & Joseph!

PS: After registering, you will be required to tell us via email the business you do so that our speaker may use it for proper analytics during the training.


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