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Miracle Of The Dancing Sun At National Stadium, Lagos on Saturday 28th Oct, 2017

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Barely a week after thousands of Catholic faithful in Benin city  witnessed the miracle of the dancing sun during the national closing ceremony of the Marian year, another spectacular Phenomenon occurred today at the national stadium as Lagos Archdiocese rounded up its centenary celebration.

It occurred shortly after the distribution of the Holy Communion. Earlier, around 3 pm there had been showers of rain which fell for about fifteen minutes and stopped just as the Mass began. Even then, the two speakers at the event had earlier hammered on the important role of Mother Mary to the salvation of souls, peace in earth, and how she manifested herself in Benin and how she brings favour where ever she goes.

At about 4.30pm, before the vote of thanks, loud cry of jubilation could be heard all over the stadium complex as the sun suddenly emerged and began to dance about, shining very brightly with several colours to the joy of the people of God who watched in amazement.

Many described the dancing sun as an indication that Mother Mary was pleased at the devotion of her children and was thus set to intercede on their behalf before God.

Shortly before the Mass, Archbishop Martins had reconsecrated the Archdiocese and individual families to the Virgin Mary.

Source: The Catholic Herald LAGOS.​.

Video will be out soon as soon as we get hold of it.

Glory to Jesus … Honour To Mary!

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