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9 Year Old Boy Who Rescued His 3 Yr Old Brother From A Deep Well Explains How He Did It


Meet the young Nigerian boy who saved his little brother from drowning inside a well last week at their home in Ijanikin part of Lagos, Nigeria.
Identified as Akachukwu Francis Eze, the 9-year-old boy made headlines recently when he was reported to have gone inside a well after his 3-year-old brother fell inside it and he managed to bring him out.
A new video making the rounds on the internet has shown the boy explaining how he managed to save his brother from death.
In the video, Akachukwu explains to an interviewer, Femi Victor Orulia (CSSp) that they were inside their house when a woman from upstairs raised alarm that his brother had fallen inside the well and so he decided to go in and bring the boy out. At first the woman who raised the alarm tried to stop him from going inside but his elder sister told him to proceed and try his best.
He then went inside the well, got his baby brother on his back and climbed outside
The well that Francis’s 3 year old brother fell into
This is pretty incredible that a 9 year old boy could summon so much courage to risk his life for his brother.
In his words of admiration, the Parish Priest of the Catholic Church where the family attends, Rev Fr Femi Victor Orilua was immediately called upon, and he carried out the interview with Francis. In his words, the Priest wrote on his facebook wall where the announcement was officially made:

“LOVE AND RISK A hero may not be known at birth.

He is discovered in heroic deeds.

True love is for others.
Taking risk for the sake of others.

Francis Akachukwu Eze, a boy of 9
Clothed his love for his younger brother of 3
In a garment of bravery.

He couldnt stand it when his younger brother fell into a well.

“My brother must not die” He said.

Without waiting for the popular rapid response,
He entered the well
And made the rescue.
He brought him out on his back

I rejoice with you.
Praying that the seed of glory sown in you will keep on flowering. Amen.”

This act by Francis calls on us as humans to truly be our brothers keeper, only then will the world be a better place for us all.

Watch the interview here

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